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Air Conditioning Services in Miramar, FL

Located in southeastern Florida, Miami is a popular tourist destination with its miles of beach and popular South Beach bar scene. In the winter months, the weather is amazing for outdoor activities with the temperature rarely dipping into the cooler range although night can be a bit chilly. Summer starts early and extends into the traditional fall months. Summers are hot and muggy with high humidity.

When temps soar, you can splash in the ocean or remain indoors for relief from the heat. With such drastic heat, there will come a time when you need an AC repair in Miami, Florida to keep your home comfy.

Most Common Air Conditioner Repairs

At Cooling Method, we have heard and seen it all when it comes to broken air conditioners. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to locate the issue and make the necessary repairs. Here are some of the most common repairs that we see:

  • Calibrate or replace thermostats: If your thermostat can’t determine the actual temperature in your home, it never cools completely. The system cycles quickly on and off.
  • Replace blower motor and belt: It’s the job of the blower to push air out into your home. When it fails, you can hear the unit running, but no air comes out.
  • Refill coolant: Your system occasionally needs additional coolant to continue cooling the air.
  • Clean or replace the condenser coils: Air flows over the condenser coil, and the coil cools the air. If it gets dirty, condensation builds up and freezes on the coil. Usually, the system runs fine when first turned on and after an hour or so, the air turns warm.
  • Replace air filters: Your air filter catches all the dirt and debris as it flows into your home. When it gets clogged, the air doesn’t flow into the system very well, causing the motor to run harder and hotter and your utility bill to skyrocket.

At Cooling Method, our technicians are ready night or day to repair your system. Contact us today for an appointment.